The Talking Statues


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Andrew Giarelli – The Talking Statues
Literary Thriller
306 pages
13.5 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-902752-79-6
19.00 EUR


What does the message on battered ancient Roman statue Pasquino mean, and why is it seemingly addressed to Charlie Sala, an American scholar writing a book about the city’s “talking statues”? Together with enigmatic Czech lighting designer Pavlina Herecová, he will be pulled into the world of pasquinisti, the ragged and erudite crew of street poets preserving a 500-year-old tradition against black marketeers who are using the statues to sell pillaged Near Eastern artifacts. Featuring centuries-old street lore and climaxing in a 21st century light show that makes the statues speak once more, The Talking Statues twists through historical and literary labyrinths against a savory Roman backdrop.


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Größe 13,5 × 1,8 × 21 cm


Andrew Giarelli is the author of "American Romanista", which delves into Rome's historic and contemporary neighborhoods, and dozens of articles about European cities and American places. He has worked as a newspaper reporter, documented folklore on a Native American reservation, and launched an award-winning regional magazine. He was twice a senior Fulbright scholar, in Malta and Slovakia. Currently he teaches literature and journalism at an international university in Prague. He writes for "Prague Life!" and "The Slovak Spectator". "The Talking Statues" is his first novel. He and his wife Kim, an elementary school special education teacher, split their time between Portland, Oregon, and Prague.

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